Louise Oldroyd

Louise co-presents Thursdays with Dave 12pm-2pm and has an eclectic adult culture show in the evenings. She'll play you her favourite songs and tell you why they should be yours too (expect plenty of Portishead!)  

Brief background summary
Louise is Calder Valley Radio's PR & Business Development Manager, before being persuaded to join the airwaves she was a full-time copywriter and advertising guru (so she says!)  

What was your first job? Do you have a funny story about it?
In my first job around college, I worked as a florist's helper, I'd only been there for two weeks and I managed to kill several small rose bushes. Unsurprisingly they found there was 'no work for me after all' very quickly. From there I went to be equally unsuccessful at cocktail waitressing (I didn't know what a measure of Port was and gave someone a full wineglass!)

What are you happiest doing when you’re not working and why?
I'm a massive music fiend, so I love listening to music with Dave - or rather arguing about what we might listen to as we can never agree, I'm also a voracious reader as I have a degree in English and I'll read anything and everything. 

What’s your absolute favourite song and why?
Eep - this changes constantly, and I can't possibly pick one - but some stalwarts are 'Glory Box' by Portishead, 'Risingson' by Massive Attack, 'The End of The Affair' by Ben Howard, 'Tango Till They're Sore' by Tom Waits and 'Since I've Been Loving You' by Led Zeppelin. All of these songs will stand the test of time and last forever. 

What’s your favourite album and why?
'Dummy' by Portishead or 'Mezzanine' by Massive Attack because they remind me of a period when microgenres of music in the UK could spring up really quickly, in spaces where you couldn't have previously imagined them. But once they filled that space - it's entirely obvious that this music was exactly what the world needed to hear! 

What song do you hate most and why?
Ah, now I've got something of a reputation for being a bit of a music snob at home (all lies obviously) but there are quite a few songs I hate. You can put anything by Justin Beiber, or most 90s boybands/ pop on that list. Please don't play Westlife near me! 

Which artist/ musician alive or dead would you most like to get a coffee (whiskey etc.) with?
Oooh, Tom Waits definitely - I bet he's got so many amazing stories, also I want to ask him how his voice just sounds *like that*.

Tell us something no one knows about you?
I can fix bikes and swear in Italian, I also do a reasonable Marilyn Monroe impression singing 'Happy Birthday Mr President'.

What’s your most useless talent?
I have an almost eidetic memory - I can look at a page and remember a large amount of information from it. Useful for school exams, not so much now (unless it's a shopping list!) 

What will finally break the internet?
Erm... running out of IP addresses - because there are only 750 root servers globally? Hah - no, maybe if the Kardashian's keep their clothes *on*?

If we went to Happy Hour what would you order?
I love small-batch gins, so maybe a Gin Mare and lemonade (it's the best gin!) or an Espresso Martini or Vesper (you can bring me James Bond to drink it with too if you like?)

Finally - is there anything specific you want the listeners to know about you...
I write my own poetry (badly!) which I'm hoping to publish, if my listeners are very unfortunate I'll subject some of them to it late-night... 


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