Danny Sun

Danny hosts the Unique Show every Tuesday from 12pm.

Brief background summary 
Danny Sun proudly presents the Unique Syndicated radio show with weekly themes, special guest interviews & playing a broad variety of music. Danny Sun is from the West Midlands, UK and has been entertaining for as long as he can remember (ever since blasting his cassette player out of his bedroom window to his neighbours).  Danny was born to DJ!  His initials are actually D J. Danny studied popular music at Walsall College and has appeared on various television game shows and deejays many private parties, nightclubs, functions + charity fundraisers. Danny has a degree of experience in radio presenting having worked for London radio, local hospital radio.  Danny presents the popular unique radio programme which features celebrity guests, local talent, corny jokes and various trivia.

What was your first job? Do you have a funny story about it?
My first job was volunteering for the British heart foundation.  I used to stand outside the shop with a microphone to try and get people into the store to spend their hard-earned cash and my best job is what I’m doing now which is karaoke presenting and private parties/mobile discos. 

What are you happiest doing when you’re not working and why?
I enjoy going on long countryside walks and enjoying good food. If you've seen my Instagram you know why.  Also, I enjoy spending time with family and friends.

What’s your favourite album and why? Does it remind you of a specific period in your life?
One of the first albums I bought was the best Latin carnival album in the world.  It was a compilation featuring 40 of the best Spanish songs ever and started my love for Latino music.

What song do you hate most and why?
Anything from Michael Buble (sorry) I find him overrated but I would be happy to play him for my listeners if requested.

Which artist/ musician alive or dead would you most like to get a coffee (whiskey etc.) with?
Prince.  I think he was an enigma as well as being an incredible performer/songwriter.

Tell us something no one knows about you? 
I am a singer-gram. I'm booked for special events such as birthdays, engagements, anniversaries.  When booked I turn up at an address with a PA speaker and sing a couple of songs to the special person.

What’s your most useless talent?
It has to be my corny jokes although people love to hate them.

What will finally break the internet?
A power cut

If we went to Happy Hour what would you order?
A cocktail probably be a Pina Colada with the parrot and umbrella

Finally - is there anything specific you want the listeners to know about you…
They can follow me on Twitter @djdansun to find out what content I have coming up. I also support local artists and bands on my shows.


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