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Join Guy for a whiz around the globe chatting about what's happening in the world of celebrity and showbiz with loads of upbeat tunes to banish the Monday blues. 

Sunday Spotlight:
If you're a fan of musical theatre, you're in the right place! Loads of up to date news from the world of theatre and film and of course all the best show tunes plus local am-dram details. Join me in indulging my passion! 

Brief background summary
Guy is a star of stage and screen working on many West End productions, soaps (including Hollyoaks, Brookside & Coronation Street) and other TV productions. We bet you've seen him somewhere! 

What was your first job/ what was your best job? Do you have a funny story about it?
Like many, my first job was a paper round. It was an evening round and used it to stop off at mates houses on the way, so it would take hours and some poor folks wouldn't get their papers till about 8pm! Best job was with Sony when they had The National Bowl in Milton Keynes as one of their events managers. I was a student and it paid REALLY well and I got to see some fantastic bands one memory that sticks out was when Axl Rose flew in by helicopter from Paris after doing a few circles of the bowl to wind up the fans! Also staying in some nice hotels! 

Then there's also playing Eric Birling in Stephen Daldrey's production of "An Inspector Calls" in the West End for the Royal National Theatre and then taking it to Australia for the British Council. I went to a water park just outside Perth and found myself with Barry Foster (Van der Valk) between my legs in a big rubber ring shooting down a water slide! 

What are you happiest doing when you’re not working and why?
I adore travelling and going to the theatre, anything that's performed live and I'm in! I usually wind down by watching trashy TV: games shows and my guilty pleasure Judge Judy!

What’s your absolutely favourite song and why?
There are so many songs! Depends on my mood but usually, I love a bit of upbeat pop, Dolly Parton's '9-5' springs to mind.

What’s your favourite album and why? Does it remind you of a specific period in your life?
Album wise, Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" has great memories as I blasted it out from my parents living room one summer as a kid whilst cleaning out the guttering during school holidays for some pocket money.

What song do you hate most and why?
I'm not a huge fan of hard house music or hardcore heavy metal. I don't like just listening to beats with no lyrics. I like a song with a narrative! I missed out on the 90's clubbing scene as I was at drama school.

Which artist/ musician alive or dead would you most like to get a coffee (whiskey etc.) with?
I'd love a natter with Boy George. He must have so many stories. He's been through so much and is always brutally honest. He also has a fantastic voice and songwriting skill. 

Tell us something no one knows about you?
No one knows I'd quite like to be an interior designer. There's a slight drawback to that though as I'm colour blind!

What’s your most useless talent?
Useless talent is cracking my knuckles, it does nothing for anyone, myself included!

What will finally break the internet?
Maybe if they cancelled Coronation Street? Or one of our Royal Family came out as LGBTQ+?

If we went to Happy Hour what would you order?
It'd be a large vodka diet coke but it doesn't agree with me, so I'll stick with a very cold beer on a greek island.

Finally - is there anything specific you want the listeners to know about you...
I'm a cheese man rather than a chocolate fiend. I'll break off a huge lump of nutty cheddar, dip it straight into the mustard pot, rinse and repeat (usually in the middle of the night!)



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  • We will Miss you Tony!!

    All our thoughts and love to Tony’s Family and Friends in this time. We will miss you very much Tony, we are forever grateful for helping to set us up & being such a core member of our team. Being behind the mic is what you loved doing and it’s how we will remember you. 💗💗💗

  • Trevor Simpson was born and raised in Kebroyd, Triangle and spent most of his working life in Halifax. After joining the legal firm of Bearder and Son, solicitors from school, he spent thirty-two years working for them as the agency manager for Abbey National Building Society. When the Abbey decided to open a full branch office in 1990, they offered Trevor the job of Branch Manager, where he worked for several years, before taking early retirement in 1995. 

    A keen sportsman, Trevor played as a goalkeeper in local football and was an avid Halifax Town supporter from the age of seven. An injury in 1966 enforced his change of direction and he became a football referee after learning his craft locally. He progressed through to the Football League where he spent seven seasons (1984-1991) officiating at the highest domestic level (all top clubs except West Ham Utd!). He also had two appearances in Wembley F.A. finals, various European and International matches and as a linesman at a World Cup qualifier. He retained his activity in football working for The Professional Game Match Official Ltd. as a referee coach and later a referee assessor on the F.A. Premier League. Trevor also completed 30 consecutive years as a referee and ambassador at the Dallas Cup International Youth Tournament in Texas. 

    His greatest interest outside sport has always been popular music. An avid record collector since his teenage years, Trevor possessed every No.1 record since the British charts began in 1952. He was viewed by many as a worldwide authority on Elvis, wrote numerous articles about him in various worldwide magazines and visited Graceland several times. Trevor published five comprehensive volumes charting Elvis’s early career which have now sold-out. He researched and wrote two local volumes of ‘Small Town, Saturday Night’ chronicling the 1960s music scene around Halifax. He was also part of the Halifax Music Heritage Trails.

    Trevor was the founder of Radio Calderdale in 1981, the hospital radio service in Halifax. During his time there he did regular shows and helped raise funds for the station. Each year until 2020, Trevor broadcast on Christmas Day morning and took great delight in announcing the babies that had been born that day. He also assisted with live commentary of FC Halifax Town’s matches from the Shay for several years. For the past two years, he volunteered as a presenter at the online community radio station, Calder Valley Radio, where his weekly music show was adored by many listeners all over the world. He cared passionately about the station, helping out with grants and fund-raising initiatives, such as the hugely successful Elvis night in September 2023.

    Following the sad news of Trevor's passing in January, his family have decided that any donations made in Trevor's memory should go to Calder Valley Radio as Trevor really enjoyed the two years he spent with the station and did so much to raise our profile.

    If you would like to donate, here is the link:







  • Welcome to Calder Valley Radio.

    Welcome to Calder Valley Radio. Established in 2020 with Dave, Guy, Fiona, Tony and Val and the help of Hebden Royd Town Council and comedian, Jon Richardson, we launched in the middle of a pandemic. All our Planning in 2019, could never have prepared us for what happened in 2020, but this was our best training. We didn't miss a broadcast and even through our own health issues and sad times, we carried on. Radio became our support too, in our times of need. We know, from your messages to us, that Calder Valley Radio helped you through too and music truly is a great healer.

    As we venture forth, with Tim Morsley as our Programme Manger and a great team behind the scenes, we are so excited to be supported by Calderdale Council. We are looking forward to delivering a wonderful programme of events and shows in the coming seasons ahead.